continuous training of our qualified and dedicated staff

Emplyee satisfaction is high on the agenda in our business operations.
Sustainable relationships, trust, respect, courtesy, sharing successes and failures - a genuine team spirit, to put it briefly - are what we consider the greatest values of our organisation.

V1000 ensures that your products are treated with loving care and delivered flawlessly to your customers.
Customer satisfaction starts with creating value, for which we make the greatest possible effort, each and every day.

We don't claim to be perfect, but every member of the V1000 team aims to do things better today than the day before.

Authentic passion creates value, energy, gratitude and success

sustainable investments in image, safety and digitalisation

The V1000 fleet aims to distinguish itself through its authenticity and innovative spirit.
On the one hand, every driver deserves the very best equipment, in terms of both comfort and safety.
On the other hand, it is our social duty to protect the weaker participants in traffic by investing in the latest safety features.

We aim to contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions by:
- equipping our vehicle fleet with the most energy-efficient and ecologically-friendly Euro6 engines
- positioning ourselves to facilitate a smooth transition to fully emission-free vehicles in the future
- persuading our customers to more frequently opt for group consignments to prevent us from driving empty trucks.

Digitilisation is the key to putting our desire to uphold the principles of CSR and our concept on the map.

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