flexibility of collection

Everything ordered today, is collected on the next day at your company by our pre-loading division.
It goes without saying that we encourage our customers to combine their shipments whenever possible, so that we can all contribute to driving fewer kilometres and a reduction to our carbon footprint.

Orders can be forwarded quickly through our order-entry system. This system also allows labels displaying accurate information to be printed and subsequently affixed to our pallets.
As a result, we all join forces to ensure that all goods entrusted to us are delivered perfectly.

Flexibility helps you identify new possibilities for reaching your goal

flexibility of delivery

Almost every address is contacted by telephone to guarantee flawless delivery.
Agreed lead times:
- Benelux : loading day A, delivery day B/C
- France: loading day A, delivery day C/D/E

Our Customer Service Department is trained for maximum versatility by adopting the most flexible and customer-oriented attitude in all circumstances.
We do all of this without any concessions to our standards & values, and with respect for our drivers and the environment.

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